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If you are interested in digital architecture design all can join in DADA. Our qualification of member is divided into two kinds, individual member and group member.

1.Individual member include junior and senior member.

Junior member including ordinary member foreign member, student member .Junior member is only DADA member.

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Senior members must join as a member of the Architectural Society of China, with the member identity both of the Architects Branch of Architectural Society of China and DADA.

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2、Group Member

Anyone who registered in domestic area has a good reputation in the industry, dedicated to the development and prosperity of digital architectural design culture, to promote China's digital architectural theory research and technology progress;Ones who willing to do the extensive and in-depth exchanges, communication, cooperation of various topics in the field of digital architecture with the science and technology workers on DADA platform, and enterprises ,institutions or organizations, which has a capability of certain scientific research, design, teaching, production, development and management. All of the above can apply to be the Corporate Member of DADA.

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3、If you  want to apply for the three types of membership above must register as a site member of this website first.

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Host: Digital Architecture and designing Professional Committee of the Architects Branch of the Architectural Society of China
Executor: architecture department of Tsinghua University
Address: Room 212 at the south of Architecture Department of Tsinghua University at Haidian District, Beijing (Postal Code: 100084)
Telephone:010-82794175, 62784519, 13601018978

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