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The mission of DADA is to ally architects, scholars, relevant enterprises and academic communities,as well asorganize academic seminars of digital architecture design both at home and internationally,in order topromote the research and practice of digital architecture, and popularize the knowledge and technology of digital architecture. Besides, DADA is to actively guide the communication and connection of different fields that involved in architecture industry, i.e., design, manufacturing, construction and management, thus making contributionsto the integrating and upgrading of architecture industry and the building of a sustainable industrial chain.

1.   Promoting Academic Communications

DADA is to organize academic activities that conform to its missions, including exhibition, conference, lecture, seminar, visiting, publishing, competition, etc., thus providing a platform for the presenting of new thoughts, knowledge and technology. Then new scholars canshow up prominentlyand the industry can know the latest information about thetrend of the academic development. At the same time, DADA will focus on introducing the world’s latest development of digital architecture andpromoteChina’s new achievements worldwide via various channels. It will also regularly organize all kinds of activities to make it easy for China’s architecture industry to understand the world,additionallylet the world understand China’s digital architecture more easily. Itwill be strivingto play its role to help the communication over digital architecture throughout the world.

2.   Carrying out training programs

Being aware of the significance of digital architecture, more and more architects and studentsare eager tolearn relevant knowledge and technology. Yet digital architecture covers intersectional knowledge of several disciplines and it is necessary to provide exploring learning,which makesthe learning  a little bit difficult. So, DADA is responsible to carry out systematic educational training, by which the beginners can mater the basic, accurate methods and skills efficiently. DADA will organize various educational training activities, such as short-term training class, regular continuing education and technique and skill lecture and so on.

DADA will do whatever it can to promote the digital architecture education activities ofalldesigning institutes, processing enterprises, construction enterprises, property management companiesas well as, universities and colleges. Besides, DADA will make the basic,conceptsand the importanceof digital construction known by as many people as possible. At the same time, via publications issuance and propaganda activities, it will promote the popularization of the digital construction methods to let the mass understand and pay close attention to it.

3.    Encouraging technical innovation

DADA aimed to promote technical innovation of the architecture industry bygathering a group ofcreativearchitects,young students andpractitioners of related industries, creating networks of digital architectural innovation and encouraging. Accordingly, DADA will set up some technical innovation prizes to promote innovation throughout the entire industry. At the same time, DADA will establish Technological Innovation Award for latest technological achievements and excellent architecture designing works.

4. Providing a communication platform

Digital architecture originated from architectural designing, but it can’t be separated fromthe downstreamnumerical control processingand numerical controlmanufacturing,as well as numerical control construction,all of which is at the lower end of the industry chain.It still can be combined with intelligent housing property management, so it’s a complete construction industry chain. DADAwouldprovide an industry communication platform,strengthen the bridgesbetweendifferent industries via various forms of communication, cooperation, support and unificationand,lay a solid foundation to upgrade the whole industry and  to make a fluency industrial chain.

5. Assisting in formulating industry standards andnorms

Digital construction is an emerging field. As its technologies and methods are used widely, it becomes a necessary link to formulate industry standards and norms. DADA could assistgovernment department concerned to run the data investigation and rational researchin order tolay a solid foundationforFormulating the standards and criterion.

Host: Digital Architecture and designing Professional Committee of the Architects Branch of the Architectural Society of China
Executor: architecture department of Tsinghua University
Address: Room 212 at the south of Architecture Department of Tsinghua University at Haidian District, Beijing (Postal Code: 100084)
Telephone:010-82794175, 62784519, 13601018978

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