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DADA2015——Conference Registration & Call for Paper 
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DADA 2015

——The 5th DigitalFUTURE Shanghai Summer Events (Shanghai: 4 July -5 July, 2015)

Conference Registration & Call for Paper 


The 2nd series academic events of DADA is organized by Digital Architecture Design Association (DADA) in China, College of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP) in Tongji University and Tongji Architectural Design Group (TJAD) Co. Ltd., co-organized by Architectural School in Tsinghua University and School of Architecture and Urban Planning in Nanjing University. The event includes Workshop, International Conference and Exhibition. It is the premier biennial events in China for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Digital Design and Fabrication. The international conference will be held in CAUP, Tongji University. The theme of the conference will be “Digital Factory”. Any architecture students, scholars, architects and others who are interest in the field are welcome to register and participate in the events.

I. Theme

As China is reaching the mature point of urbanization, architectural industry, which was the leading industry in national economy, faces the two great challenges: 1. The emergence of new building technology and building materials that will change the architecture design as well as building method; 2. The sustainability of building technology and construction method under the increasing pressure of energy shortage. With the help of advance digital simulation based on the numerical control platform, digital architecture design and fabrication itself has the unparalleled advantages compare to the traditional fabrication method. As an important part of the whole digital architecture system-“parametric-design-form-fabrication”, it does not only directly incorporate the accurate input of environmental, behavior, structural and materi- al parameter, but also can dock quantified data and coordinate development from the very beginning of design. Through the infiltration of different parameters, the digital design meth- odology is deriving to process control and manufacturing which is more associated with architecture ontology itself.

“Digital Factory” is a necessary condition for intelligent industrialization of architecture industry. Through the effective integration of computer aid design and digital manufacturing, “Digital Factory” explores the new method of digital fabrication developed from the extraction of performative parameter and the form generated from architectural form finding. Architecture for the future is becoming customized, digital, prefabricated and industrialized. Through the docking with digital factory to directly produce and assemble, it will drive the revolutionary transformation of architectural paradigm.
The mission of “Digital Factory” is to unite the avant-guard architects and institutes in digital design and fabrication. It is organized by DADA and supported by CAUP, Tongji University and the architecture school in Tsinghua University. The aim is to discuss the challenges as well as opportunities that digital design and architecture industrialization will bring to the traditional
design mode.

II. Topics page2image904

1. The Theory and Methodology of Digital Architecture Design and Fabrication 2. The Education of Digital Architecture Design and Fabrication
3. The Applying of Robotic Fabrication in Architecture
4. The Applying of Digital Fabrication in Architectural Practice

III. Call for Paper

1. Paper Content (including but not limited to):

·The Theoretical Research of Digital Architecture Design and Fabrication
·The Practice of Digital Architecture Design and Fabrication
·The Teaching of Digital Architecture Design and Fabrication
·The Design Methodology of Performance-based Simulation and Optimization ·The Development of Robotic Tools for Digital Fabrication

·Responsive and Interactive Architecture
·The Application of BIM
·The Life Circle Digital Management of Architecture

2. Submission Requirements
·Abstract Submission
- Abstract should objectively and clearly explain the research background, purpose, methodology and conclusion
- Chinese(400-600 words) / English (200-300 words)
- Related Images (1-2)
- Deadline: 20 March, 2015
*All the submitted abstract will be previewed by the jury. The author who passed the first preview will get a confirmation email and the submission template of the full paper.
·Full Paper Submission
- The submission must be original, and has not been published in other journals and conferences.
- Chinese(4500-6500 words) / English (2500-3500 words)
- Related Images (10-15, 300dpi)
- Deadline: 1 May, 2015
·Submission Email:

IV. Important Dates

  1. Abstract Submission Deadline: 20 March, 2015

  2. Abstract Preview Result Notification: 1 April, 2015

  3. Full Paper Submission Deadline: 1 May, 2015

  4. Conference Registration Deadline: 1 June, 2015

  5. Conference: 4 July -5 July, 2015

V. Conference Registration

Please fill in the registration form and send it back to before 1 June, 2015

VI. Organizations


Digital Architecture Design Association (DADA) in China page3image920

College of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP), Tongji University Tongji Architectural Design Group (TJAD) Co., Ltd.
Architecture School, Tsinghua University

School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Nanjing University


ROB|ARCH,FAB-UNION, KUKA,McNEEL Asia,Gehry Technologies,E-Grow, Sino-Archi, AIA Shanghai

·Media Supporters

T+A, WA, Architectural Journal, UED, AT, U+A Domus, AREA, eVolo, Dezeen, ArchDaily

VII. Contacts

·Conference Contact:Liu Jie +86 15201425876 ·Workshop Contact:Crisie Yuan +86 13162737475

Digital Architecture Design Association Jan. 15th, 2015

Host: Digital Architecture and designing Professional Committee of the Architects Branch of the Architectural Society of China
Executor: architecture department of Tsinghua University
Address: Room 212 at the south of Architecture Department of Tsinghua University at Haidian District, Beijing (Postal Code: 100084)
Telephone:010-82794175, 62784519, 13601018978

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